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Window film is the one building improvement that makes a noticeable difference both inside and out. Window tinting offers both practical and aesthetic benefits for any commercial building, increasing security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal while decreasing heat load and energy use.

Window film can block up to 79 percent of solar heat, increasing comfort during the summer and substantially reducing energy costs in older buildings without the hassle or expense of replacing the glass.

If appearances are a concern, tinted windows provide privacy and uniformity. The installation of window film transforms any building front into an array of perfectly identical, opaque windows, while still allowing those inside to enjoy the view and natural light from the outdoors. Furthermore, window film offers invaluable protection against crime, vandalism, and severe weather. In the case of a violent storm or a break-in, window film holds together the broken panes of glass, preventing injury and deterring crime.


  • Worker comfort: reduce glare on computer screens and minimize solar hot spots
  • Energy savings
  • Interior building protection
  • Safety with security window film

Our Customer Reviews

  • I went there to get my windows tinted and the service was awesome I really didn't know what I was doing or what to say but needed the sun to stop burning me ok the prices are very good the service is excellent I recommend you get your vehicle done here
    Beverly Nelson
  • Eclipse did a great job on my car. Had all windows done about a week ago with no complaints at all. Customer service was quick to answer any questions and pricing was fair. If your looking to get your windows tinted give them a call, you won’t be disappointed.
    Chris Anonymous
  • I always love going here, they do exactly what you want and always able to give professional opinion for help, if you have a certain style your going for. Great
    Teboho Hollaway
  • Had a small window tint job on my truck and it turned out great. It was completed quickly within the time I was told. Staff was very welcoming and kind. I would recommend to anyone in the Elkhart area looking for automotive tint.
    Jerimiah Borkowski
  • Just got my 2020 Equinox windows tinted today and already love them..Great service and super nice employees. Will definitely be recommending to friends..
    Jennifer Roth
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