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interior of home heat reduction
Excessive Heat or Cold
Enjoy year-round comfort throughout your home.
UV Reduction
UV Damage and Fading
Help protect your furnishings by reducing the effects of fading over time.
energy saving
High Energy Costs
Help save on cooling and heating costs.
energy saving
Security and Safety
Get peace of mind with films that help deter break-ins and protect your family from flying glass.
Glare reduction
Open your eyes to more comfortable rooms any time of the day.
Privac and decorative
Privacy and Decorative
Create custom looks and increase privacy with high-end finishes.

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Windows add distinction, elegance and light to any home. However, window panes can be a great source of heat loss in the winter or heat gain in the summer. You may be faced with the options of adding window treatments or installing replacement windows to minimize this problem. There is, however, another option to consider - home window tinting! Besides sun control, residential window film can also do much to manage security concerns. Please continue reading to find out the seven benefits of using tint on your home's windows.


Window film is the most efficient way to reduce unwanted solar heat transferring through your windows. It can provide up to 79%solar heat rejection versus untreated glass, while controlling hot spots and cooling off sun-drenched areas in your home or office.


Window films blocks up to 99% of UV rays, while also reducing heat. This helps to protect your valuable furnishings from fading and provides a “sunscreen” for your skin against the harmful effects of the sun.


Whatever the cause –direct sun, reflections from snow, water, or surrounding buildings-there is a perfect window film solution to help reduce annoying glare.


Window films decreases the heat that comes in from the outside which makes it easier and cheaper to keep the house cool in the summer. Residential window tint also has an insulating effect that will help the heat in the house during the winter, which drastically decreases your electrical bill..


Accidents, environments effects and vandalism can instantly turn a pane of glass into life-threatening shards. Window films can acts as “safety net” by holding shatter glass together.


Whether it’s a contemporary look or a uniform design, there’s a choice of window film products that can aesthetically compliment the exterior of a home.

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  • I went there to get my windows tinted and the service was awesome I really didn't know what I was doing or what to say but needed the sun to stop burning me ok the prices are very good the service is excellent I recommend you get your vehicle done here
    Beverly Nelson
  • Eclipse did a great job on my car. Had all windows done about a week ago with no complaints at all. Customer service was quick to answer any questions and pricing was fair. If your looking to get your windows tinted give them a call, you won’t be disappointed.
    Chris Anonymous
  • I always love going here, they do exactly what you want and always able to give professional opinion for help, if you have a certain style your going for. Great
    Teboho Hollaway
  • Had a small window tint job on my truck and it turned out great. It was completed quickly within the time I was told. Staff was very welcoming and kind. I would recommend to anyone in the Elkhart area looking for automotive tint.
    Jerimiah Borkowski
  • Just got my 2020 Equinox windows tinted today and already love them..Great service and super nice employees. Will definitely be recommending to friends..
    Jennifer Roth