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Safety and Security Film

Safety and Security window film can help you prepare for almost any occasion. That would include things that are out of your control such as the weather, accidents, natural and unnatural events. With Safety and Security window film you can be prepared for the unexpected by fortifying your glass. With this film, you can expect to be protected and in a safer environment– within the area of installation. And by reducing the risk of flying glass, it will help protect your living space, peers, employees, and even your business from data lose or property damage.

Safety & Security Film benefits during glass breakage

  • Windows are one of the weakest parts of a building, Safety & Security film can give protection against intrusions such as theft by;
    • Holding the frame and shape together to prevent entrance
    • Making it difficult on intruders to break the glass
    • Gives time to find a more secure shelter and wait for police to arrive (In some cases intruders will exhaust and retrieve)
  • Holds glass in the frame once a break occurs (Tested against simulated wind speed up to 170 MPH)
    • Reduced injuries from shreds of falling glass
    • Helps protect from storm damage by maintaining the building shell
  • Increases the glass penetration resistance to;
    • Debris
    • Attacks
    • Natural and unnatural disasters