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Tesla Window Tint Model 3 & Y

Tesla model 3

These two Tesla Models are at the top of consumer reports competing against sedans such as Audi A4, and BMW 3 Series. While extremely flashy, the Model 3&Y are also very safe, they rated at five stars in all safety categories! Whether you want to ride in style or you just care about your privacy, installing 3M window film to your vehicle can help with both! Our prime 3M window film will absorb the heat of the sun into the nano-ceramic technology! The nano-ceramic technology will then keep that heat from entering your car, making for a smoother and cooler drive.

Worried about glares on your Model 3 or Y ? No problem, our Ceramic IR series film can reduce glares up to 93% and also enhance visibility at night!

Window Tint Model S

-The Model S has the largest display interface of any production car. Elite window film will help protect your interface dashboard from discoloration and overheating!

-DID YOU KNOW? The Model S is the first electric vehicle to ever receive the “Motor Trend Car Of The Year Award” this award is given to the car that best represents exceptional value, superiority in its class, and most significant development. Adding window film to your Tesla Model S will only add more luxurious value.

-As you may know, Model S offers a long list of different versions of the vehicle. For those who have the Model S with the optional “Panoramic View”, we highly recommend applying window film to the sunroof. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can be very harmful to the human eye.

Tesla model s | Eclipse Window Tinting Tesla

Window Tint Model X

Model X | Eclipse Window Tint

-While other Tesla Models come with factory window tint, the popular Model X does not, it only comes equipped with a “smoked” rear glass window. This means you and your passengers are still being exposed to cancerous Ultraviolet and infrared lights. Installing 3M window film will help prevent this by blocking 99% of ultraviolet lights and reducing heat. This is the equivalent of wearing SPF 1000.

-A full tint on your Model X, will allow you and your passengers to travel in a comfortable, heat free environment.

-Did you know Tesla vehicles automatically activate their AC unit when the interior of the car reaches a certain temperature?

-The Model X comes with an incredible panoramic windshield measuring at 31 square feet. The windshield extends above the front occupants’ heads allowing a significant amount of sunlight inside. The heat from the sun will activate your vehicle's AC unit which will actually make your Tesla battery drain faster!